Report: 'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin addicted to prescription ...

Aug 1, 2012 . Macaulay Culkin, who has been photographed recently looking incredibly thin, has a serious drug problem, the National Enquirer reports.

macaulay culkin drugs addiction

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Watch: Macaulay Culkin moves in with self-proclaimed drug addict ...

May 8, 2013 . For those of you worried about Macaulay Culkin's well-being after all the recent drug reports, get even more worried as he has reportedly .


Is Macaulay Culkin Strung Out On Heroin & Oxycodone ...

Aug 1, 2012 . Is he riding the 'H' dragon to Dope Town?! Gawd, we hope not! We know he was left Home Alone once or thrice too often, but we sure hope this .

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Troubled Macauley Culkin 'at serious risk of lung cancer as he ...

May 15, 2013 . Experts tell the publication that the actor's addiction puts him at . A source told the publication: 'Macaulay Culkin is hooked on drugs and it's .

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Why Macaulay Culkin is no longer home alone | Life and style | The ...

May 8, 2013 . Macaulay Culkin, who is said to have moved in with Pete Doherty. . Doherty is a long-term drug addict, and there were rumours last year about .

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Macaulay Culkin Drug Addiction - Huffington Post

Aug 1, 2012 . The National Enquirer is defending a disturbing story published that claims that former child actor Macaulay Culkin will be dead in six months .

WATCH: Macaulay Culkin Denies Drug Abuse: Heroin Rumours Are ...

Aug 1, 2012 . While sources have claimed that Macaulay Culkin has just six months to live due to his "tragic" heroin addiction, the star's reps have accused .

Macaulay Culkin Addicted to Heroin? | Radar Online

Aug 1, 2012 . “Macaulay Culkin is surely dying. He's addicted to heroin, oxyco done, Percocet and Vicodin. I have witnessed his drug taking, which has .

Macaulay Culkin Emerges After Drug-Addiction Rumors | E! Online

Aug 8, 2012 . After being the center of impossibly and ridiculously fictious drug addiction claims , actor Mac...

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Macaulay Culkin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Macaulay Carson Culkin (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor. . After being arraigned in court for misdemeanor drug offenses, he pleaded not guilty at .

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Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin's dad and step-mum on rumours ...

Aug 13, 2012 . HOME Alone star Macaulay Culkin's dad Kit and stepmum on his . claims that Macaulay has a £3,800-a-month drug problem, an addiction to .

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Macaulay Culkin Steps Out Looking Healthier Post-Drug Addiction ...

Aug 16, 2012 . Hey, it's the best he's looked so far. Macaulay Culkin—who has been lying low ever since heroin-a...

Macaulay Culkin's Downward Spiral Of Addiction Worsens! Is He ...

Dec 19, 2012 . Macaulay Culkin's issues with addiction have reportedly gotten so . he can't get over Mila, who left him because of his drug use at the time.

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Macaulay Culkin Face After Drugs - YouTube

Aug 5, 2012 . Macaulay Culkin Addicted To Herion and prescription drugs. . 58-Year-Old Meth Addict Has Lost Everything | Addictedby DiscoveryHealth .

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AOL On - Macaulay Culkin Moves In With Self-Proclaimed Drug ...

May 7, 2013 . For those of you worried about Macaulay Culkin's well-being after all the recent drug reports, get even more worried as he has reportedly .

Macaulay Culkin: lonesome, desperate, addicted - English

Dec 21, 2012. Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin almost died from a drug overdose, . appeared in a number of news stories about his addiction to drugs.

Macaulay Culkin: Heroin Addict? - The Hollywood Gossip

Aug 1, 2012 . Is Macaulay Culkin hooked on heroin? . Is Macaulay Culkin addicted to heroin? . “Macaulay Culkin is hooked on drugs and it's killing him!

Macaulay Culkin's suicide drama! | In Case You Didn't Know

Jan 14, 2013 . According to sources, Macaulay Culkin's downward spiral of heroin and oxycodone drug addictions have left the 32-year-old with thoughts of .

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Breaking Up with Mila Kunis Made Macaulay Culkin Turn to Drugs

Aug 6, 2012 . Breaking Up with Mila Kunis Made Macaulay Culkin Turn to Drugs. . Macaulay Culkin is addicted to pretty heavy stuff and all his friends are .

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