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Get the complete biography of Macaulay Culkin on Yahoo! Movies. . were surprised when his character - Vada's shy sidekick - died of an allergy to bee stings.

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My Girl 2 | review, synopsis, book tickets, showtimes, movie release ...

After kissing Macaulay Culkin (in My Girl) only to see him stung to death by killer bees, Pennsylvania waif Vada Sultenfuss (Chlumsky) takes her pubertal trauma .


The death of Thomas J. Sennet (Macauley Culkin) in My Girl - Movie ...

Aug 23, 2005 . Movie Death DB entry for Thomas J. Sennet (Macauley Culkin) in My . the bees have started to swarm and, unable to escape, Thomas is stung .

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Name of movie about a little girl that lives with her father and he has ...

Was Macaulay Culkin in it. He died from being stung by bees? . With Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis.

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`My Girl' Next Move In Macaulay Culkin's Game Plan - Morning Call

Nov 24, 1991 . Less than one year ago, Macaulay Culkin was just another John Hughes discovery. . him, Culkin was thrilled to be making movies for the Chicago-based. . will be upset when they see his character stung to death by bees?

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Apr 26, 2009 . No, he knew it was a hive since a little earlier in the movie, as him and Vada . allergic to bees but also, if someone gets stung by a huge amount of bees . Macaulay Culkin on "So Graham Norton" (2000)by Stephen Rigg .

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The late 20th century's answer to the juggernaut child star success of Shirley Temple, Macaulay Culkin ruled Hollywood as a preteen, but had difficulty .

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Similar Questions: im movie boy stung alot bee's 1980's . I'm told that's the end to "My Girl" with Macauley Culkin (but not the sequel with his .'s-1980's/

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Directed by Howard Zieff. With Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky. . movies you should watch before you die. a list of 2377 titles .

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When Macaulay Culkin Speaks, A Hollywood Studio Listens - New ...

Nov 4, 1991 . Has 11-year-old Macaulay Culkin flexed his considerable muscle with 20th Century . Will his death scene in another film, soon to be released, . of death when her close friend, played by Macaulay, succumbs to bee stings.

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Macaulay Culkin - Rotten Tomatoes

Macaulay Culkin had a horrible stage father who refused there to be no Home alone 2 which . In Which Movie Was Macaulay Culkin Disabled? . Bee Stings .

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Film locations for My Girl (1991)

The film to see if you ever dreamed of watching Macaulay Culkin stung to death by bees. Set in 'Pennsylvania', the movie was shot in Florida, where the tow of .

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The film also stars Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky in her feature film . for Vada's mood ring and finds it, but is stung by hornets from the detached nest, .

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Shirley Temple Syndrome - Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Dec 8, 1991. Magic Johnson's blood-test results and the sight of Macaulay Culkin, stung to death by bees, laid out in a little white coffin in his new movie, .

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Bee Sting Allergy - Conditions - Healthguru

Over two million people in the United States suffer from a bee sting allergy. . response to an insect sting, like Macaulay Culkin's character did in the movie “My .

My Girl: Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd ...

Customers buy this Movies & TV with Now and Then (Widescreen/Full . A doomed Macaulay Culkin becomes the object of affection for a little girl (Anna . father got remarried & she lost her best friend that he got stung to death by bees.

My Girl / My Girl 2 (2-Pack): Movies :

Shop Low Prices on: My Girl / My Girl 2 (2-Pack) : Movies. . Macaulay Culkin (" Home Alone") and newcomer Anna Chlumsky, "My Girl" is an irresistible story of .

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Macaulay Culkin found fame as one of the most successful child actors of all time. . He then went on to play small cameo parts in films such as Rocket Gibraltar . owing to the character that Culkin played dying prematurely from a bee sting!

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Veep's Anna Chlumsky on Getting Back into Acting, Swearing Like ...

Apr 19, 2012. last we saw her, she was mourning Macaulay Culkin's death-by-bee-stings. ( Well, unless you saw In the Loop, a stingingly funny indie movie .

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